Eugene Secure Storage in Eugene, Oregon needs to fill our vacant units fast!  There are no long term leases or contracts.  Call 541-344-2710 for details and to reserve your space before they are all reserved!

Pay for 6 months up-front and get two weeks FREE. Or pay for 12 months of storage up-front and get the 13th month FREE! 


The following in units are 50% off regular rental price per month.
UnitSizeMonthly Rent
A0045 feet x 5 feet$28
A0255 feet x 5 feet$28
A0325 feet x 5 feet$28
A0405 feet x 5 feet$28
A0485 feet x 5 feet$28
D0085 feet x 5 feet (c)$30
D0135 feet x 5 feet (c)$30
G34910 feet x 24 feet $90
The following units are currently 25% off regular rates:

UnitSizeMonthly Rent
A075 feet x 5 feet$41
A0115 feet x 5 feet$41
A0475 feet x 5 feet$41
D0055 feet x 5 feet (c)$45
A0525 feet x 10 feet$56
J4885 feet x 10 feet$56
F1375 feet x 10 feet (o)$60
F1345 feet x 10 feet (o)$60
D05310 feet x 10 feet (c)$116
F16010 feet x 20 feet$116
D06712 feet x 16 feet (c)$161
D04710 feet x 24 feet (c)$169


The following units are currently 10% off regular rates:

UnitSizeMonthly Rent
A0235 feet x 5 feet$50
A0265 feet x 5 feet$50
A0415 feet x 5 feet$50
D0075 feet x 5 feet (c)$54
D0175 feet x 5 feet (c)$54
J5055 feet x 10 feet$68
A0605 feet x 10 feet$68
A0775 feet x 10 feet$68
A0695 feet x 10 feet$68
A0945 feet x 10 feet$68
F1155 feet x 10 feet (o)$72
F1315 feet x 10 feet (o)$72
F1385 feet x 10 feet (o)$72
E1725 feet x 10 feet (o)$72
E1915 feet x 10 feet (o)$72
I45910 feet x 10 feet$113
J51010 feet x 10 feet (im)$113
J62810 feet x 15 feet$131
F16010 feet x 15 feet$131
B01310 feet x 15 feet$131
B02410 feet x 15 feet$131
B02710 feet x 15 feet$131
J62410 feet x 15 feet$131
G35110 feet x 24 feet$162
J56418 feet x 22 feet $248
RV41912 feet x 20 feet (b)$41
RV09112 feet x 30 feet (b)$50