Moving Tips

Everyone could use a few tips when they are moving. Whether you have had positive or negative experiences with moves in the past, they are always memorable adventures. Make sure to make this next move one to be proud of by following these simple tips:

1. List It

Notebook ImageBefore you get started make sure you are ready to write down what you have packed. Create a list for yourself of all the items you are placing in to boxes. You can write it out by hand or be formal and have a partner type it in to your computer. Just place a number on the box you are packing and write down the number and the boxes contents on your list. Try and be specific.

2. Start Early

Calendar ImageIn the last couple of weeks before your move you should begin your packing. Try to get everything that you can live without boxed up so you don’t have to work through the night the day before your move. This is also a good time to find all the items you no longer care to keep and donate them or drive them to the dump.

3. Be Prepared

Tape ImageAnyone who has moved knows the frustration of realizing that they haven’t purchased enough boxes. Make it easier on yourself by buying 5-10 more boxes than you think you need. You are also going to need plenty of other items such as packing tape, labels, and markers. If you are wrapping your items make sure you use unprinted newsprint or packing paper to do so. Newspapers have a lot of inks that may stain your items during the move.

4. Know the Limit

Scale ImageMake sure your boxes aren’t too heavy to lift. It may be a pain to take more trips when packing the boxes, but the trips are worth it. The time you will spend healing from a sprain or repacking when the contents have fallen out the bottom of an overloaded box will be far worse.

5. Colorize

Pens ImageDesignate a color for each room your boxes will one day end up in. Blue can stand for the kitchen, green for the master bedroom, and so on. Mark the boxes you have packed with a colored marker or sticker that matches its location. Once you remove your boxes from the storage unit and get to your new home you can write a colored label for each room. It will help your movers or friends know where each box should end up.

6. Utilize Everything

Briefcase ImageThere is no reason to pack an empty duffel bag. Use your suitcases and hand bags to pack the items you would like to unpack first, such as bedding, favorite clothes, and restroom utensils. You may store your items with us for a while, so the familiar bags will be easy to spot when you take them out of storage.