Storage Units

All indoor units are 8′ high, feature exterior brick construction and plywood-studded walls for added security. Eugene Secure Storage also has insulated attics. This can help guard your possessions from extreme temperature changes. Our facility accomodates large moving trucks and have wide, clear access to all units bigger than 5’x10′.

Climate Control

Climate Controlled storage spaces are cooled in the summer and heated in the winter. Your valuables are protected from extreme temperature swings that can damage wood furniture, electronics, and various forms of plastic and wax. Climate controlled spaces are also ideal for the comfort of customers who visit their storage spaces frequently.

Size Monthly Rent Climate Control Available? Garage Door Access? Light?
5’x5′ $55-$60 *
5’x10′ $75-$85 **
8’x10′ $105
10’x10′ $125-$155
10’x15′ $145
10’x16′ $147-$175
10’x20′ $155
10’x24′ $180-$225
10’x30′ $240
12’x16′ $215
12’x24′ $270
14’x25′ $220
15’x25′ $265
15’x50′ $460
18’x22′ $275
20’x24′ $310-$370
20’x25′ $320

*All 5×5 units are in our A and D buildings, and access is through indoor hallways. There is no direct drive-up access to these units. Doors are man-doors, about 30″ wide.

**All 5×10 units have man-doors about 30″ wide. Some have direct drive-up access and others are located indoors down hallways. Please call for specific availabilty.

Vehicle Parking Location
12′ x 20′ Outdoor
12′ x 30′ Outdoor
12′ x 40′ Outdoor
12′ x 50′ Outdoor
12′ x 60′ Outdoor