Available Units

Eugene Secure Storage in Eugene, Oregon needs to fill our vacant units fast!  There are  no long term leases or contracts.  Call 541-344-2710 for details and to reserve your space before they are all reserved! 

Pay for 6 months up-front and get two weeks FREE. Or pay for 12 months of storage up-front and get the 13th month FREE! 


UnitSizeMonthly Rent
A0075 feet x 5 feet$55
A175 feet x 5 feet$55
A235 feet x 5 feet$55
A255 feet x 5 feet$55
A325 feet x 5 feet$55
A0685 feet x 10 feet$75
J4845 feet x 10 feet$75
J4895 feet x 10 feet$75
J4935 feet x 10 feet$75
D0245 feet x 10 feet$85
D0285 feet x 10 feet$85
F1435 feet x 10 feet$80
F1455 feet x 10 feet$80
E1705 feet x 10 feet$80
F1315 feet x 10 feet$80
F1375 feet x 10 feet$80
E1705 feet x 10 feet$80
E1725 feet x 10 feet$80
G3708 feet x 10 feet$105
C01310 feet x 10 feet$125
C01510 feet x 10 feet$125
E20010 feet x 10 feet$125
D05010 feet x 10 feet$155
D33410 feet x 10 feet$155
B02710 feet x 15 feet$145
G37410 feet x 24 feet$180
RV40212 feet x 40 feet$65
RV50612 feet x 40 feet$100